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Ambassador Prince Daniel O. Chwukwuocha Congratulates Pioneer Female President of Tanzania

The Ambassador Prince Daniel O. Chukwuocha ( PADOC FOUNDATION)
Eminent Peace Ambassador,International Association of World Peace Advocate; United Nations Peace Volunteers.
Fmr. S.L.A. to the speaker, Federal House of Representative, National Assembly Abuja, Nigeria.
Fmr. Executive Boss Obowo L.G.A. Imo state.
A philanthropist par Excellence;  a servant of Humanity ; Pathfinder of free Education, pioneer Women and youth / Women skill empowerment sends a royal congratulatory massage to the pioneer female President of Tanzania.
Below is the Full Statement of Ambassador Prince Daniel O. Chukwuocha
       Her Excellency, the incumbent president of Tanzania, Mrs. SAMIA SULUHU HASSAN, it is a pleasure for me to seize the rare medium to send you A CONGRATULATORY MESSAGE from the Chukwuocha Royal Dynasty , in Avutu Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.
In the words of H.R.H, Eze Abel Chukwuocha my father, he says ” any work well done, will be well appreciated”
Truly, history unprecedented at that was as made on friday, the 19th day of March 2021, when you were sworn in not only as the pioneer female president of Tanzania , also the first female president in the East Africa and Second female president in Africa as a continent. This is remarkably excellent!
Your Excellency , as my people will always says that ” the taste of the pudding is in the eating” therefor, you, having been tasted and served in diverse capacities,  not limited to being a minister for about 21 years and more than twice in three different ministries, yet again In the year 2015, the elected you as the Vice president of Tanzania , it goes in no small way to portray the Tanzanians LOVE and TRUST bestowed upon you which you have never taken for granted hence, your emergence as the first citizen of Tanzania is not a thing of surprise to all and sundry.
Winning such a keenly contested position defiling all odds a Practical testament of “what a man can do, a woman can also to more better”, and such feat cannot but only be feasible via a comprehensive virtue of Resilience, doggedness and tenacity.  you’re a looking glass to others, expecailly the women folk.
your Excellency, as a Moslem which you’re among the 35% Moslem citizens of the country , it is obviously conspicuous you will be accommodating and magnanimous in victory , you will be zealous and diligent in carrying out your duties in order of fairness and Justice as the president of Tanzania.
My contact with you the last time we met was enough proof for me that you’re going to be an indefatigable president of Tanzania, having known with a firm belief that you’re equal to the enormous task ahead with your sophisticated wealth of experiences as the former vice president of Tanzania, no doubt, now you’re the number of citizen of Tanzania, you’re going to perform wonders in Allah who strengthens you.
From the Renowned & Respected Ancient Royal Dynasty of Chukwuocha, Imo state Nigeria . I, prince Daniel Chukwuocha on behalf of my family wishes you a rewarding and hitch-free tenure as the Amiable president of Tanzania. I also extend to you, the Royal Blessings of my father, His Royal Highness ,(the Paramount king) Eze Abel Chukwuocha, as he has Prayed for you already.

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