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Prostitute reveals how top politicians slept with them in Egypt during 2019 AFCON

A Ghanaian lady working as a prostitute in Egypt has set the internet ablaze after revealing that some top politicians and sports officials slept with them in Egypt.

According to the lady, the officials refused to pay her and other prostitutes as they gave them only $100 after having the affair with them.

In a program hosted by Afia Schwar, the lady narrated the sexual escapades of top officials during their stay in Egypt for the 2019 AFCON tournament.

“I have stayed here in Egypt for about seven years. The top officials who came, MPs, all those who came I went to meet them,” she said.

“I know all that they have done but none of them was able to help us the ladies here. After telling them our ordeal, they will sleep with us and give us only $100,” she revealed.

The prostitute further claimed that she told the politicians to give her some money otherwise she would expose them.

“I have told them, I have told them that if they don’t settle me, I have their videos, I will expose them,” she threatened.

The lady opted to sell the video out to any interested person as she claimed that she needed money in exchange for the excerpts from their escapades.

She also claimed having an affair with a government official who promised to send her money on reaching Ghana but failed to do so.

Her comments followed allegations made by a journalist that some officials and Black Stars players went sleeping with women in Egypt.

He claimed that their conduct with prostitutes in Egypt contributed to their failure at the tournament.


Source: yen.com.gh

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