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The Founder/President of NMDI bagged a Leadership Award

The Founder/President Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative(NMDI) Bringing Hope, Lighting Lives; bagged a Leadership Award (Outstanding Woman Of The Year 2019  it was conferred on her on the 28th of November 2019 at Sheraton Hotel Abuja Nigeria.
Hear Her ; I was honoured family, yes I was honoured to God be the glory!
Thank you Igberetv for this honor and giving this award in my hand, it makes feel great on being rewarded for the hard work that one does.
I am most grateful to everyone who has always been part of my journey, from my family to friends, from boss to my team and everyone yes I have a boss infact two(2) bosses; God Almighty and my darling husband Dr Mordi Ifeanyinchukwu Kenneth(Ogbueshi Ahaba na idumugbe).  It is a pleasure to witness this beautiful moment in the presence of you all. On stage it is me and was me who is was talking over this award but on backbend there are many people along with the great power of god who have enabled me to put in efforts and make me capable of getting this award.  Each one of you has enabled me to bring the ideas into reality.  My strength always increased on dealing with the challenges and overcoming them.
I cannot thank God enough for making my existence fruitful and ensuring that my focus drives through dedication  throughout the deeds that I do for myself and the people related to me.  This award is a symbol of the blessings that I have received during my journey till now.  I am grateful of having held this award as a return towards my attempt towards my tasks with utmost purity and dedication.
Many challenges and problem appeared I the journey but with tine and dedicated efforts each of them got solved and hence it is today that you all can see how blissful  smile.  Each of my team  members, my members deserves this equivalent  award for all the day to day tasks attempted by all. We always aim at working as a family and have a united focus on our dreams which enables us work and cope with higher expectations. Our collective team efforts have resulted in such incredible results, and it is a great achievement of each individual team member.
I am glad to clear all the scrutiny levels and have the privilege of selected amongst all for this award.  I cannot thank my parents enough for the education privilege that they have given to me; without this it would have never been possible to reach such heights and standing front of such skilled and well qualified people. This award is surely a reward for the very first tasks successfully done by me and my team as we are barely 6months and happy we made have touched lives and made impacts.  But on the other hand, this reward will be a big time motivation for the projects coming  our way. This will be the encouragement and rise in our enthusiasm for doing the best and reaching more great heights that make us eligible for receiving award  every time at this huge platform of  recognition NMDI
My sincere gratitude to all for the tremendous ongoing encouragements that have throughout enabled me to put in the efforts and all time dedication for attainment of wonderful things. Collared team achievements much more mesmerizing than the partial achievements achieved through alone efforts. Thank you team and members for every time that you have held my hand to take everything together from all ends and make our deeds capable of reaching this huge stage.
Lastly money isn’t everything  but good works and testimonies is alot am happy!
Thank you everyone!!
Source: Nkemdi C. Mordi Kenneth

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