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Food prices in Kumasi remain generally stable



Food prices in the major and satellite markets in the Kumasi Metropolis, have generally remained stable over the past few weeks, despite the recent increases in lorry fares across the country.

A market survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi has indicated that prices of most vegetables and foodstuffs, which are in abundance in the markets, have remained the same for some time now, and in some markets, even cheaper.

At the Bantama, Asafo and Abinkyi markets, where a team of GNA reporters visited on Monday and Tuesday this week, a bunch of medium-sized plantain, which is now scarce in the markets, ranges from GH¢15.00 to GH¢25.00.

Four medium sizes of fresh yam (Pona) is selling at GH¢10.00. However, prices of mini bags of other root and tuber crops such as cassava and cocoyam, have gone up slightly, ranging from GH¢96.00 to GH¢100.00.

Madam Abenaa Antwiwaa, who sells cocoyam and cassava at the Bantama market, said prices of cocoyam, cassava and other tubers, always become slightly high, during the new yam season, which were associated with a bumper harvest.

This in her view, she explained, was because the farmers did not want the food crops to flood the markets to force the prices to be very low.

“This is to protect their business,” she added.

Prices of vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, cabbage, garden eggs and other leafy vegetables are generally very cheap and affordable.

The same goes for pepper, both green and red, with “Olonka” of each going for GH¢4.00.

A bag of onion has however, gone up to GH¢300.00 from GH¢260.00.

Prices of tomatoes and okra are generally becoming cheap, with a medium-sized basket going between GH¢20.00 and GH¢30.00, as compared to GH¢50.00 of the same quantity about a month ago.

For grains and cereals, millet is sold at GH¢280.00 per bag, while the ‘olonka’ is going for GH¢9.00.

Wheat is sold at GH¢280 per bag, with ‘olonka’ going for GH¢7.00.

Local rice (Asante moo), 50KG sold at GH¢196.00 per bag, with a cup is going for GH¢2.50ps.

Maize is selling at GH¢203.00 per bag, with ‘olonka’ going for GH¢8.00.

Prices of frozen fish, ‘Kpanla’ is sold for GH¢60.00 for a five kilogramme weight, and red fish goes for GH¢90.00 for a five kilogramme weight depending on the size and type.

Source: Business Ghana

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