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Government Urged To Sign-up To ASI Performance Standards To Ensure Responsible Bauxite Mining

The Ghana Integrated Bauxite and Aluminium Authority has been advised to sign up to the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance Standards Certification Program to ensure responsible bauxite mining in the country.

The director of Settle Ghana, a non-governmental organization, Mr Abu Karimu made the appeal in response to agitations by some indigenous people who are resisting plans by the government of Ghana to allow Sinohydro, a Chinese company to mine bauxite in the Atewa forest.

According to Mr Karimu, to have a win-win situation, the best and appropriate thing to do is for the government to avail itself to the checks and balances in the game.

Mr Abu karimu said the certification to the ASI standards will enable the bauxite mining companies to demonstrate their total commitment to the social, environmental and ethical standards.

He said mining has a considerable impact on the environment which his organization (Settle Ghana) believes needs to be managed and mitigated.

The ASI performance standards covers critical issues for the entire aluminium value chain, including greenhouse emissions, waste management, biodiversity and Human Rights.

Atewa range forest is a globally significant biodiversity area and the largest of only two upland evergreen forests in Ghana.  The reserve contains rare and endangered species, serving as headwaters of three main rivers including the Birim,  Densu and Ayensu rivers which together provides water for over 5 million Ghanaians.

Ghana has been mining bauxite since the 1940s and only second to Guinea interms of deposits.

Source: Thepressradio.com/Zion Abdul Rauf


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