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IMANI breaks silence on Bawumia, EMT Townhall and it’s serious

Founding President of IMANI Africa, Mr Franklin Cudjoe and Vice President Kofi Bentil have spoken about the Economic Management Team townhall meeting held yesterday.

Mr Cudjoe said judging from how the questions and answers at the Economic Management Team Townhall went, Ghanaians need “more assurances beyond high sounding economic jargons”.

“I came back to the Q&A. I can feel the weight of pressure in the voices of the Economic Management Team as they respond to questions. If after all the stellar presentation of the state of affairs , you have that one crucial universal question, which came at the end of presentation on the tranmission of these goods into the lives and pockets of ordinary people, it tells you people need assurances beyond high sounding economic jargons.  No easy answers.

In a related development, Vice President of IMANI Africa, Kofi Bentil wrote:

“I haven’t done all the fact checking, so this is  based solely on Dr Bawumia’s information as delivered.

It is true that key macroeconomic indicators 2017 – 2019 outshine 2015 – 2017, but honestly we should not set the bar this low.

NPP performance is below expectation, but I prefer this to what we used to have.

The Details:
INFLATION – creditable performance,
CEDI DEPRECIATION – Below Par Performance, and its only year 3 against NDC’s 5 years.
INFRASTRUCTURE – Fail so far, I hope this changes before its too late.
REDUCED DUTIES – Great move which will ease the stress of many positively! BUT PLEASE DEAL WITH THE MESS AT GNPC… theres a lot of waste there which could help make up for the lost revenue.

ON POLICE, Please Get the basics right before the exotics, cameras are good, but what use are they when a Policeman has to let a criminal go because he cannot get backup in good time??
THE Police need Motor Bikes for patrol (NOT ONLY CARS!) and a comprehensive serious communication system!!
Explaining the situation, the vice president disclosed that the Bank of Ghana, as part of the IMF requirements for the conclusion of its programme, had to increase its net international reserves to the volume of December 2018.” he noted.

Dr Bawumia had been explaining some of the issues in the economy during the Economic Management Team Townhall held in Accra.

He took swipes at the opposition NDC for taking some of his 2014 lectures out of context, particularly on the exchange rate being a sign of weak fundamentals.

He, therefore, recalled that the weak fundamentals in 2014 which saw the massive fall of the cedi meant that the NDC government had to end up seeking an IMF bailout, “the difference today is stuck because our fundamentals are strong.”



Source: MyNewsGh.com

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