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The top 7 Ghanaian earners on the Ghana Stock Exchange



• Some individuals have been earning significantly on the Ghana Stock Exchange

• The earnings are based on figures from investment agencies accompanied with recent annual reports from capital market registrars

• The list includes Daniel Ofori, Frank Adu Jnr, and Joseph Siaw Agyepong

While stock trading may come with its risk owing to market volatility and sentiments, a number of Ghanaians still bet on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) platform to diversify their income and investments.

According to Billionaires.Africa, a group of wealthy Ghanaian individuals prefer to focus on scaling up their investments through their privately-owned companies rather than trading on the local bourse of the GSE.

This means, although stocks, bonds, and securities of companies trading on the GSE may vary, only a handful of wealthy individuals in Ghana choose to keep some of their investments portfolios rather listed as equities on the stock market.

Based on figures from investment agencies accompanied with recent annual reports confirmations from capital market registrars obtained by Billionaires.Africa, some seven Ghanaians have been listed as the richest individuals on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

It is important to note that the value of the shares on prices as at the end of the August 2021 trading activity and valuations have been converted to U.S dollars based on the current exchange rate.

See the list of individuals and valuations below as first published by Billionaires.Africa:

#1 Daniel Ofori

Net worth on the GSE: US$28.5 million

Holdings: GCB Bank, Calbank, SIC Insurance, Societe General Ghana

Daniel Ofori is the richest investor on the Ghana Stock Exchange by far. His portfolio includes a 7.49-percent stake in GCB bank worth $17.85 million; a 3.9-percent stake in Calbank worth $2,852,900; a 3.99-percent shareholding in SIC Insurance worth $91,000, and 6.78-percent in Societe General Ghana worth $7.624 million.

Ofori who is a well-respected Ghanaian serial entrepreneur, has founded a string of successful businesses in the apparel retail, engineering and real estate sectors.

#2 Frank Adu

Net worth on the GSE: US$1.9 million

Holdings: Calbank

Frank Adu owns a 2.63-percent stake in Calbank, one of Ghana’s largest commercial banks. His stake is worth $1.9 million.

Adu is the immediate past CEO of the bank and won the prestigious African Banker of the Year award in 2018. Adu, who worked at Calbank for 30 years before retiring last year, is credited with transforming CalBank from a tiny corporate-focused bank to a universal bank with 28 branches and close to 1,000 employees and a balance sheet in excess of US$1.2 billion.

#3 Ebenezer Twum Asante

Net worth on the GSE: US$1.69 million

Holdings: Scancom PLC (MTN Ghana)

Ebenezer Twum Asante was the first Ghanaian to head Ghana’s leading telecommunications company, Scancom PLC (MTN Ghana). He owns a 0.065-percent stake in the company, which is worth $1.69 million.

#4 Kojo Anim-Addo

Net worth on the GSE: US$971,639

Holdings: Standard Chartered Ghana, Benso Oil

Kojo Anim-Addo, an investor on the GSE, owns a 0.23-percent stake in Standard Chartered Ghana worth $952,339, and a 0.14-percent stake in Benso Oil worth $19,300.

#5 Joseph Siaw Agyepong

Net worth on the GSE: US$867,548

Holdings: Access Bank Ghana Plc

Joseph Siaw Agyepong, one of Ghana’s most recognizable entrepreneurs and the executive chairman of Jospong Group of Companies, owns 1,500,000 shares in Access Bank Ghana Plc, amounting to a 0.86-percent stake in the company. The shares are worth US$867,548.

#6 Gideon Amenuvor

Net worth on the GSE: US$583,927

Holdings: Societe General Ghana

Gideon Amenuvor, an investor on the GSE, owns a 0.52-percent stake in Societe General Ghana, a commercial bank in Ghana.

#7 Benjamin Fosu

Net worth on the GSE: US$467,141

Holdings: Calbank

Benjamin Fosu owns a 0.65-percent stake in Calbank worth $467,141.


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