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Can Sexual Activity Cause a Stroke?

A stroke occurs when brain tissue suddenly stops receiving blood. Brain cells die within minutes if they don’t get enough oxygen. Learning about the potential causes of stroke and the risk factors can help put an end to this devastating condition.


According to VeryWellHealth, having a stroke during sexual activity is quite unusual. Strokes usually have no obvious cause. Strokes are typically the culmination of years of poor health habits like smoking and the result of conditions like high blood pressure, excessive levels of fat and cholesterol, uncontrolled diabetes, abnormal blood clotting, and heart disease.

Nonetheless, there are some instances where a stroke occurred during or after a sexual encounter. Stroke during or within two hours after sexual activity is more likely to occur in the context of extramarital relationships, according to case studies in the medical literature.

Stroke is a leading cause of death, and it has been found that engaging in adulterous intimate activity raises that risk. It is unclear if this is due to an unwillingness to seek immediate medical assistance or an elevated stroke rate linked with emotional or psychological issues related to extramarital sexual behavior.


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