U.S. Ambassador to Ghana Rallies Support for Zipline Operations

  United States Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia E. Palmer The United States Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia E. Palmer, has asked global healthcare players and governments within the sub-region to invest in the operations of Zipline so that it can extend its services more targeted areas throughout the nation.   Ambassador …

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Jospong Group holds health screening for staff

The Jospong Group of companies has held a health screening for its staff. The health screening which was under the theme “Our staff our heroes’ was held at its headquarters in Accra for staff of its subsidiaries. The initiative, which forms part of activities to mark the Jospong Groups Employees …

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Common Causes Of Sleepless Night And How To Avoid It

Insomnia, a medical term for sleepless nights, refers to the condition where individuals experience difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. This condition can be highly disruptive, impacting one’s overall health, work performance, and mood. The causes of insomnia often stem from our daily activities, many of which we may be …

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Body part you will feel pain if you have kidney failure

Pain in a specific area of the body is often the first warning sign that your kidneys need medical attention, even if the disease itself manifests internally. You may want to read this article all the way through if you’ve been experiencing unusual pains in your body. In this piece, …

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