The Artificial Intelligence Paradox: Hindering or Accelerating Extraterrestrial Intervention for Technological Advancement in our life via The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Foreign Intervention and Technological Advancement

  The author: Samuel Shay, is an international business expert and Chairman of leading Israeli tech firm, Gulf Technologies Systems The entry of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our lives has brought about a seismic shift in how we approach technology, research, and collaboration. As AI continues to evolve and become …

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  For what shall it profit a legal system if it is only interested in jailing accused people when the law says you can recover stolen cash as well?    The Ato Essien case in which the former MD of Capital Bank stole millions of cedis from ‘his’ own bank …

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    By Kwesi Yankah Ghana is a nation of dreamers no doubt, but our collective imagination occasionally slips and betrays a nation without dreams. I refer to slippages in the naming of important entities in our motherland. We have been occasionally absent-minded in the naming processes, omitting great people …

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Leveraging Ideas For Strategic Advantage In Event Management In Ghana – The Case of Luxlife Experience Limited

  The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines an event as “something that happens, or a planned occasion or activity such as a social gathering”. Getz (2008:6) described an event as “An opportunity for leisure, social or cultural experience outside the normal range of choices, beyond everyday experience. Furthermore, Getz classified events …

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Ghanaian men are at the mercy seat of goddess of love: Aphrodisiac

Any meal or substance that arouses the sexual impulse, promotes veneral desire and boosts pleasure and performance is considered an aphrodisiac. However, these medications have a long-term negative impact on one’s health. Aphrodisiacs are categorized into three groups based on their mode of action: those that improve desire, potency, or …

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