The Adentan District Court has adjourned the case in which Clara Ayan Ampah, a caregiver has been held for the death of an eleven-month-old baby to November 15.

This was because the court magistrate of the Adentan District Court has been on leave.

At the last court sitting, prosecution informed the Court that, the Attorney General’s (AG) Department has asked Criminal Investigators to conduct further investigations into the incident that happened at the Happy Bloomers Crèche school at Agogba in May this year.

Clara Ayan Ampah, a caregiver has been accused of causing the death of the pre-school child at Abgogba and had been arraigned at the Adentan District Court awaiting the AG’s advice on the case docket.

It was the case of prosecution at the last court sitting on August 27, that, though the AG’s office has responded, it has asked them to conduct further investigations on the matter.

On May 18, the father of the 11-month-old baby, reported the death of his daughter to the Agbogba Police after the incident was brought to his attention at the North Legon Hospital after the baby was rushed there on emergency.

After the death was announced, investigators went to the hospital and examined the body before conveying it to the Police Hospital morgue for autopsy.

As part of the investigations, CCTV footage was later handed over by the school authorities to the police which revealed that Clara Ampah possibly choked the baby in an attempt to feed her.

In the said video footage, Clara is seen trying to force the contents of a cup into the throat of the toddler while holding the baby’s hands tightly behind.

The accused person was also seen plunging the baby’s head into the cup in an attempt to get the little girl to eat, as the victim who appeared to be suffocating, screamed and kicked her legs.

The accused person has since been granted bail pending further directives from the AG.