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Cocoa Farmer Killed By Armed Robbers At Sankore



Criminal cases keep increasing day in and day out in the country this has left fear in the heart of people living in Ghana because the criminals keep tracing people and robbed them in their houses, offices, roads and markets.

Due to this, there is no safe place to leave in this country and it is about time the police should rise and chase those criminals living in this country.

In the afternoon news from Adunu FM in Sankore has revealed another sad incident that happened at Abuom close to Sankore. A cocoa dealer who has been working at Abuom for years has been robbed and killed by armed robbers.

According to the information, the incident happened this afternoon. After one of the Cocoa farmers went to see Mr Asare Mensah for his bags of cocoa they have carried/put on the scale.

He entered the room and saw Mr Asare laying in a pool of blood so he started shouting and people came around. They look every place in the room but didn’t see anyone until one neighbour came to disclosed, she heard a gunshot at the place but she didn’t consider It to be a robbery attack because such cases have not happened there before. Later she saw a private car leaving the place, so she thought it was some of the dealers who came to see Mr Asare.

According to information Mr recently received some amount of money he was going to use to pay dome of the cocoa farmers he bought their cocoa and this has happened. Which is very sad, how will they receive their money? Even if all the records are there.

To our readers, please Abuom was formerly part of the Asunafo District till 2003 where then-president J. A Kufour divided them into two. Now we have Asunafo North and South. Currently, Abuom is under Asunafo South.

The case is now with the Sankore divisional police command for further investigation