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Man arrested over coronavirus misinformation

National Security operatives have arrested a man for inciting the public and propagating misinformation after he was seen in a viral video asking the public to “get angry at and rise against President Akufo-Addo,” for allowing telecommunication companies to lay cables for 5G technology.

Video of Bless Amedeve, aka Don Dada, a security guard, linking the coronavirus disease to an alleged rollout of 5G technology along with calls on people to kill any police officer who stops them, went viral last month.

He has been placed in custody of the National Security after being remanded to reappear on May 22, 2020, following his arrest last Friday.

Bless, who now feels remorseful, had said in the video that the coronavirus was a hoax and deception by the President to lay cables for the 5G technology.

According to him, the President, in connivance with the telecom companies, is determined to foist the 5G technology on Ghanaians, claiming that the technology is the source of deaths reported across the globe, and not Covid-19.

For him, it was “disgusting” for the President to lockdown some parts of the country under the pretext of containing the virus when he knew the 5G was the source of the problem, charging people to “rise against President Akufo-Addo and kill any police officer who accosts you.”

Scientists have described such theories linking coronavirus to the 5G technology as “a physical and biological impossibility,” yet many people appear to have bought into it.

The National Security said the arrested man was being questioned in a joint investigation, pending his reappearance in court.

Source: Daily Guide Network

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