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WATCH VIDEO: Lady caught on camera stealing mobile phone



This video showing the moment a Lady pickpocket stole from an unsuspecting woman has left tongues wagging.

When the word pickpocket is mentioned, the next thing you expect is that people become alert and focused.

The term pickpocket is a dreaded word that has instilled fear in the minds of people especially those living in the city of Accra , Ghana .

Anybody that is familiar with places like Nkrumah circle, Kaneshie and etc will understand what I’m talking about.

Well, A beautiful lady was caught on CCTV taking advantage of a crowded shopping market, to pickpocket a mother, who was struggling to walk through the busy market with her baby.

Lady pickpocket

The cameras caught her skillfully dipping her hands in the woman’s back-pack and making away with her phone.

Be careful when you are out and about running your errands, such elements are on the prowl.

Watch the video below;

Source: Atinkanews