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Dear men, your woman is Cheap if you see these 5 signs

When a lady is inexpensive, any man may simply obtain her. Additionally, this means that guys would have little difficulty gaining access to her. It is extremely detrimental to link the term ‘cheap’ with a lady. There are, however, personalities who characterize a lady as a cheap woman.

1. When a woman does not call to express gratitude after you send her an airtime card. This demonstrates how impoverished the lady is; he is just interested in the small amount of money he can extract from her.

2. Whenever a lady readily gives her phone number to any male who pulls up on the side of the road. This demonstrates the girl’s thriftiness. Girls are expected to perform’shakara’ before a man may obtain their telephone number.

3. When she readily follows any male who stops her on the way to a restaurant. The majority of females are this way; this is an indication of a cheap girl. Girls with high standards and morality understand that visiting a restaurant with every stranger who comes her way is inappropriate.

4. When a female readily accepts a present from a stranger, it is a symptom of her being impoverished. Certain ladies seldom accept presents from strangers.

5. Any female who allows any man to touch her in any way is a cheap girl. Women who hold themselves to a high standard will never allow a man to touch them unless they are in a relationship.

Source: Smart News Media

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