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COVID-19: Effects Of Online Education



Juornalist Kwaku Justice who participated in an online workshop organized by renowned Down To Earth  Magazine ( and Centre For Science and Environment ( CSE- on the subject ” REPORTING ON CLIMATE CHANGE “, both in  New Delhi in India  via zoom with his colleagues  Ghanaian journalists  and that was his take and first time ever and this is what he discovered and the experience.


Education plays a vital role in shaping our life and it does not matter what method we follow or adopt to get it. From couples of years digitalization took place in every field , so in education too. Most of the institutions are functioning with the help of online sources such as smart classes, live sessions, virtual courses, online examinations, etc.students get in the classroom set up.


Student miss on so many things like – peer interaction, relationship building, leadership qualities and life skills. Here are some points that will help you to identify the side effects of online education.


  1. Immediate contact


Online classes don’t offer the same immediate and regular access to the teacher and classmates as traditional face-to-face classes.


  1. Time commitment


When you are in your school or college , you always get an extra opportunity to talk about your doubts with your teacher or instructor. You can visit your teacher in their free time and talk about it. However, in online education, you don’t get such opportunity.


  1. Lack of good results


Online education restricts the clarity of concepts so students either take drop out from the course or get failed.


  1. Transparency


During the online education, it is difficult to have transparency from both the ends. From students end and as well the educators end as well. Efforts from the both parties are hardly identified.


However, seeing the current situation of the pandemic all over the world, online education is the only way to stay connected with students and the learning process. You must have heard that ‘something is better than nothing’..Yes, teachers and the education fraternity is working with same zeal and enthusiasm like never before. Usage of technology is growing with enormous speed. Hence, Keeping in mind the current scenario, everyone must work with cooperation and work with honesty. You can try the following tips while attending online educationa. Stay focused


  1. Note down your doubts


  1. Self study


  1. Research


  1. Make notes


  1. Ask questions


  1. Stay updated



Source:||Ghana||Kwaku Justice

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