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Ghanaian SHS teacher who travelled to Vietnam Finds Foreign lady; says he Might Not Return to Ghana



A former teacher in Ghana named Achabu who migrated to teach in Vietnam has already found a beautiful foreign lady In a recent tweet, Achabu said from the look of things, coming to Ghana again might be difficult Achabu used to teach at the Akuse Methodist Senior High School in the Lower Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region of Ghana before he left Our manifesto:

This is what believes in DR Wilson, a high school teacher from Ghana who traveled to Vietnam about three years ago, has caused a stir on Twitter after boldly stating that coming back to Ghana might not happen anytime soon.


The gentleman, popularly known as Achabu, said this in a caption to a photo he shared of himself with a beautiful foreign lady who covered a part of her face. From all indications, Dr Wilson is sending the signal that life is going on very well for him, which is why he may not find any reason to come back to his motherland. Source: Twitter What Ghanaians are saying After seeing Achabu’s recent post, Enjoy reading our stories? Join’s Telegram channel for more! @sasewis said: Aswaer you Do then open Ghana Flag of Ghana annex for there make we celebrate for there some lol @WagesWorld mentioned: You dae enjoy o.

Ano sure you go come ghana Again The gentleman’s background Achabu was a science teacher at the Akuse Methodist Senior High School in the Lower Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

He first went viral on social media after sharing amazing transformation photos that were getting many social media users thrilled. Along with the pictures on his personal handle, @1achabu, the gentleman indicated that nobody is really ugly except that their living conditions make them look bad.


See his new post below The inspiring bit of Achabu’s story Later, reported his inspiring story on how a school in Accra once turned him down for demanding GHc 2,000 as salary.

However, with the exact same qualifications, after travelling to Vietnam, Achabu says the amount that was denied him in Ghana is currently not even enough to pay for his rent.

The young man used the occasion to advise young people not to ever give up if they are turned down in life but rather look for those who value their talents and skills more. Source: