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Here’s where Sarkodie gets all his lyrics from



Sarkodie has opened up about how he is able to wax lyrical and ‘spit’ all the sense in his music.

He says the inspiration is all around him as he observes the happenings in other people’s lives, their words and his own experience.

In a conversation with Y102.5FM’s Naa Dzama on the Myd Morning Radio Show, the ‘Can’t Let You Go’ musician stated: “Personally, I am a bit laid back and relaxed to chill and observe life as it unravels.

“I make my observations from world happenings and what others are doing. I learn a lot from situations I find myself and sometimes those I don’t”.

Illustrating his point, he recalled his instant hit ‘Borga Borga’ that was not based on his own experience and yet he was able to deliver the best of storylines.

“When I did Borga Borga, I had never travelled but I knew that people come back and tell us what is happening there so you will have to observe. I think every creative has that but I think there is levels to it.”

You may be the next person inspiring Sarkodienext song because the ‘Coachella’ rapper states, “I take things very literal so your words you speak to me today could inspire the next music I make.”

Sarkodie is currently promoting his ‘No Pressure’ album which is set to be released on 30th July, 2021.

The album was initially to be released on 9th July, 2021 but due to a hold-up in clearing some samples, the album release date has been rescheduled.