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‘Michy put off CCTV cameras and slept with a guy in Shatta Wale’s house’ – Magdalene Love alleges



Magdalene Love has accused Shatta Michy of cheating, beefing Becca over Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), faking domestic violence and more in an explosive video.

Magdalene, who is Shatta Wale’s boss lady and first girlfriend, has come out again to level more allegations against Michy after alleging that she had her boobs and stomach fixed by NAM1.

In a new video she shared on her Instagram page, she has claimed that Michy was caught on several occasions cheating on Shatta Wale and was given many chances due to her interventions.

According to Magdalene, Michy once put off CCTV cameras in Shatta Wale’s home and brought in a guy to bang her.

“I intervened on several occasions when you were caught cheating. I do not envy people. How many times have you been caught cheating? I have been called severally by Shatta Wale to intervene whenever you cheat,”Magdalene said in the video.

She continued: “Some time ago, you slept with a guy in Shatta’s home and put off CCTV cameras. You sat on the floor and begged. I took you to a hotel, paid bills and gave you my car. While you were in the hotel, a guy rented an apartment for you. You go to Tema to f**K yourself.”

She said Shatta Wale’s confidant, Ara B was arrested wrongfully arrested and detained for exposing the truth about Michy.

“Ara B was arrested and detained for speaking the truth about you. What did you do to Ara B’s girlfriend?” she asked.

Magdalene further claimed that Michy had beef with afro-pop songstress Becca over Nana Appiah Mensah. She said Michy would insult Becca just because of Nana Appiah Mensah.

Another allegation she levelled against Michy has to do with her sex life. She said Michy did threesomes with Shatta Wale and even asked her to join, but she rejected it.

Watch the full video below.

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