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Mzbel confirms secretly visiting Nigel Gaisie in a nightgown



Songstress Mzbel has confirmed going to Nigel Gaisie’s office with her morning coat and a nightgown.

Her confirmation comes after Tracey Boakye in a Livestream video revealed that Mzbel went to Nigel Gaisie’s office in a nightgown but later blackmailed him into paying GHC 50,000 to her for supposedly raping her.

Speaking on Accra-based Radio station, Onua FM, the singer confirmed going to Nigel Gaisie’s office in a night gown.

According to her, Nigel Gaisie called her one night to tell her there was something he had to tell her and therefore she had to come to the office.

She said she just picked up her morning coat and wore it on her night gown and got some of the men in her house to drive her.

Mzbel said she got to Nigel’s office to meet people praying and because of that she asked that the Prophet come to her car because she was not well dressed.

The Prophet who has been linked to the NDC asked her to join him in his office regardless only for her to meet him in a white shirt and a boxer short.

She said Nigel did not tell her anything important so she just insulted him and left his office.

The singer said only Nigel knew about the fact that she came there with a night gown so if Tracey Boakye has also been told then there is a possibility that Nigel may be sleeping with Tracey Boakye too.

“I agree that I went to Nigel Gaisie Office in a nightgown. I did that because he called me at midnight that there was an emergency so I had to get someone to drive me to his office. When I got there, I told him I was not comfortable getting out of the car because I was not well dressed but he asked me to come inside. When I went there, he was in boxer shorts and a shirt. What he told me didn’t make sense so I got pissed and walk away. she should have also said that she was dating Nigel Gaisie too because that’s only what will make Nigel comfortable to tell you that,” Mzbel said.