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No room for potbelly men at 2019 Atopa Festival – Fetteh women warn

If you are a potbelly man who has plans of taking part in this year’s Atopa Festival, which is celebrated by the people of Gomoa Fetteh, you may have to reverse your plan.

This is because the women of Fetteh have served notice that only men with flat tummies will be entertained at the 2019 Atopa Dance, a dance regarded as the most exciting moment of the Ahobaakese festival.

Speaking in an interview with Adom News during the launch of the 2019 Atopa Dance Festival, the women explained men with potbellies are heavily hindered by their bellies in doing the popular dance.

“…men with potbellies can hardly twist their waists the way they may want to, compared to their flat-tummy counterparts,” one of the women claimed.

“We have prepared our waists and dance moves for the slim and energetic men because fat men with pot bellies cannot shake us well due to their body size so we want the slim men to come and shake us well during the Atopa dance,” another woman added.

Gomoa Fetteh is a fishing and farming community in the Gomoa East District where indigenes celebrate Ahobaakese Festival from the 23rd of August to 2nd September every year with the controversial Atopa dance festival being a high point of the celebrations.


Source: adomonline.com


Source: adomonline.com

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