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VIDEO: Patapaa’s description of colleagues who did not attend his wedding will shock you



Ghanaian musician, Patapaa, known in real life as Justice Amoah, has expressed disappointment in his colleague musicians who did not attend his wedding.

He said they are all jealous of him getting married when they least expected him to.

Patapaa believes marrying a White Lady also fueled the jealousy of the musicians who got the invitation but still did not attend his wedding.

He added that the musicians are also “Jons”, a term used to describe someone as a fool, in the local parlance.

Patapaa was speaking in an interview and he had his beautiful wife, Liha Miller Amoah, by his side.

According to him, he is not pained that the musicians did not come because after all, they were the ones who would benefit if they had attended to eat his food.

He was, however, grateful to Nhyiraba Kojo, the only musician seen at Patapaa’s wedding.

The ‘One Corner’ hitmaker revealed that he organised his wedding for four days in order to afford his friends and family the luxury to enjoy.