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Watch Eno Barony’s latest reply to Medikal’s ‘corpse’ insult



Eno Barony has fired her last shot at Medikal for describing her as a corpse.

In an exclusive interview with GhanaWebTV, she labeled the AMG rapper a ‘ghost’ for identifying her as a corpse.

“Unless Medikal wrote the song and that is the only way he can feel disrespected. I have never disrespected him in any way. And for him calling me a corpse, it takes a ghost to identify a corpse,” she stated.

According to the female rapper, she sees no reason why Medikal should insult her in that manner since she was referring to Sista Afia’s “ghost-writer” and not him.

“I don’t have issues with Medikal. I sent words to the ghost-writer that is what people don’t understand. You need to be very deep to understand. When I heard the rap from Sista Afia, everybody was speculating that it was from Medikal but I was not there when he wrote it for her. I wasn’t attacking him, I was attacking the ghost-writer of the song and the style,” she stated.


The AMG Business rapper launched an attack on Eno and described her as a dead body whilst reacting to calls for him to reply her lyrical shots thrown at him in her “Argument done” diss track to Sista Afia.

“Don’t ever think I will waste time recording a diss track to a female rapper, especially when the person looks like a corpse. Issa dead tin” Medikal tweeted and in a quick reply, Eno said “No be today I be #corpse bro I was born dead. So you can’t kill me,” he wrote on Twitter.

Watch the video below