It’s quite unfortunate to have read that the president and his government went to the Ashanti Region, the Garden City of Ghana, which has its environment and water bodies now turned into galamsey sites, to go and boast about ongoing projects he described as hospital projects, to clear a supposed allegation of him not doing anything in the Region.

Mr president, I am highly disappointed to have read this in the news on ghanamedia.com portal. I have few concerns as a citizen and not a spectator.

1. What was the main purpose of your tour in the Ashanti Region? Was it just to make statements by mentioning the list of ongoing projects which are not yet commissioned under your government? Or just intended to clear an allegation made by the opposition party about your government, since you stated whiles addressing the King, Otumfo Osei Tutu II, King of the Ashanti Kingdom?

Where the nation is heading to with regards to the destruction of our water bodies and lands is very scary and I believe something needs to be done urgently about this before we look back with serious regrets after some few years.
Also, upon all the hardships within the region, I was of the believe and high expectation that you were going to address the ongoing GUTA situation in the Region where traders’ shops were locked up and an ultimatum given by the same GUTA association to their Greater Accra Region counterparts as well.

Mr president, trading in Ghana has become difficult, prices of goods and services have increased beyond measure due to the speed at which the Dollar is running against our Cedi and almost every Ghanaian is complaining.
Numerous uncompleted hospitals and some existing ones are very filthy and in deplorable states. This is an area where people are supposed to receive good health but it’s rather the opposite. Hygiene in hospitals is zero. Check the wards, restrooms, kitchen/canteen were staff members sit to eat and even areas allocated for patients to also sit to eat; all in bad conditions.

Also, allegations of nurses giving wrong diets and medications to patients at wards are rampant in some of our medical facilities and this is very appalling.

What is the state of the NHIS policy in our health facilities? Many private hospitals have stopped accepting the NHIS cards from patients due to alleged debts not paid by government, not to talk of lack of adequate medical facilities in our government hospitals.

Let’s not forget that there are inadequate nurses and Doctor’s in most of our hospitals due to the hardships most nurses and Doctors go through. Many of these health workers are relocating to Europe, America and other places to look for greener pastures.

Sir, what report has your health sector Minister given to you as an update on this situation and other factors affecting the health sector?
What about the challenges facing Ghana Water Company Limited, the Petroleum and Gas sector? I believe the Ministers can do you and the nation a lot of good if they report to you challenges affecting their various sectors. This can allow you to address these issues adequately before things escalate to put pressure on the National Security and our sub security services in the country.

Mr president, before l end my piece of article, I would like to ask a question. Please, why have you refused to do reshuffling in your government? Can you give Ghanaians any tangible reasons to diffuse the ongoing presumptions?

As a young boy, I really admired you and had an overwhelming confidence in you, though I still have but sir please what is happening? Many Ghanaians have lost hope in your government, to be honest with you. More people are silently committing suicide, more losing their jobs and generally people are losing interest in living in Ghana. Recently, I read online how a Banker left this noble country to Europe to become a cleaner, all in the name of looking for greener pastures for her family. Husbands are leaving their wives and kids in Ghana to travel abroad, in search of this same greener pastures.
Please help create jobs to help minimize the hardship, and also caution your Ministers to sit up by bringing good initiatives, especially in the Agricultural, Energy and Trade sectors since these serve as back bone of our economy.
I know you are a listening President, and you will consider my humble plea. Kindly address the nation and put hold on your arranged tours. I believe this is not the time for touring but going back to the economic drawing board to resolve matters immediately before things get out of hand, with all due respect sir.
Thank you

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