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Bongo Chief advocates for 2nd Parliamentary chamber for Chiefs



Paramount Chief of the Bongo Traditional Area in the Upper East Bonaba Baba Salifu Lemyaarum is advocating for a second Chamber in Parliament where Chiefs will contribute their knowledge to the development of the country.

According to him, Chief in recent times are knowledgeable and can play key roles in the development of the country so there is the need to involve them in activities with regards to the development of the country.

“In those days, people would say chiefs don’t have the capacity to play this role in national development. Today, things have changed. We have highly educated chiefs who have the knowledge and experience to play the role that will be required of the second chamber we are asking for,” he said in an interview with Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio.

However, regardless of his advocacy, the Chief believes that Chiefs need to stay away from active politics to save their reputation.

According to him, in recent times, politics is embroiled with insults and that if Chiefs are active politicians, the institution will lose its respect.

“Imagine the way people insult these politicians, all in the name of politics and criticisms. For now, people cannot insult any chief openly; even if they do, they cannot do that outside because of the respect for the chieftaincy institution. The moment chiefs are allowed to partake in political activities and discussions, our people will have the courage to insult us. they will do that openly and you cannot take them anywhere,” he said while defending why Chiefs should not engage in active politics.


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