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Danger, as bridge linking to a Health Centre to community begins to cave in



Situated in Kassena Nankana West District of the Upper East region of Ghana, this derelict structure cries for fixing.

Located between Nabango and Kandiga, this road is the principal road in the town and leads to the Kasena-Nankena East Health Centre.

The deep hole which started as a small pothole in the middle of the bridge has expanded over time and currently occupies a greater portion of the road leaving little or no space for vehicles to safely cross over in either direction of the road.

This bridge has been in a sorry state for about three years, with no attention given to it by either local authorities or the relevant government agency.

The state of the defect in the middle of the bridge affects the whole integrity of the structure and road itself.

There is therefore a looming disaster that could occur anytime soon. The bridge is particularly dangerous at night since there are no street lights to warn oncoming drivers of the dangers ahead of them.

New unsuspecting drivers who are not used to the road and even old ones are therefore at risk of running through the cracks in the ground possibly leading to loss of lives.

I seek to draw the attention of stakeholders, appropriate authorities and quarters, to the sorry nature of the bridge which poses a huge danger to the lives and livelihood of the inhabitants and neighboring communities.

We should not wait for people to die before this bridge is fixed. The loss of human lives and future consequences are grave with respect to the resources needed to fix this bridge. The people of Nabango-Kandiga are indeed citizens of the Republic of Ghana and hence deserve a fair share of resources that would make them live comfortably.

It is my hope that the sorry nature of this bridge attracts the attention of the District Assembly and relevant authorities to act. Let’s act to protect the interest of voiceless and innocent motorists who use the Nabango-Kandiga bridge. An act now is an act to save a life and to guarantee the livelihood of the communities. It is only humane to act now.


Source: 3 News

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