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Dr Kofi Amoah jabs Akufo-Addo, Mahama



Businessman Dr Kofi Amoah has taken a swipe at both president Nana Akufo-Addo and ex-president John Mahama after the two leaders aimed verbal attacks at each other’s performance recently.

According to the business mogul, it appears all of Ghana’s leaders are failing the populace with no solution in sight for the teaming youth that remains unemployed, despondent and agitated.

Writing on microblogging site Twitter, Dr Amoah who has consistently raised issues about the unrelenting borrowing of the Nana Addo administration, the unending unemployment situation and the general lack of ideas to create jobs said something needs to change about Ghana’s leadership if the country is to prosper.

He wrote: “With all due respect: OUR PRESIDENTS ARE FAILING US One built a roof without foundation The other is building an economy without JOBS, the foundation of every strong economy in the world What do we do now folks?”

Dr Amoah’s outburst comes after president Nana Addo accused former president Mahama of doing a shoddy job relative to the Komenda Sugar Factory which Nana Addo says was akin to building the roof of a building before building the foundation.

Speaking in an interview during a two-day working visit in the Central Region, Nana Addo said John Dramani Mahama’s decision to build the Komenda Sugar factory, without first establishing a sugarcane plantation, betrays every principle of construction.

“It is like building a house, and say you are going to start from the roof before you have a foundation. How does the house get built? You going to start from the roof, when you haven’t built the foundation?” President Akufo-Addo asked.

Former president John Dramani Mahamahimself has been criticising the administration of Nana Addo, accusing it of mismanaging the resources of the country while many of the citizens remain impoverished.