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Focus on marketing Ghana to the world – Blogger to journalists



Ghanaian Blogger James Akwasi Donkor has advised a section of Ghanaian media to focus on developmental Stories , documentaries and market the various tourist sites in their various regions to the entire world.

He also advised journalists and media personalities at a media seminar in Eastern Region and across the country to make conscious efforts towards marketing the various tourist sites and other interesting discoveries by the indigenous people in the region to the entire world to boost revenue and development for the area.

According to him, Eastern Region is endowed with many natural resources and tourist sites which have the potential of attracting tourists and investors from all over the world to maximize local revenue and create employment for people in the region and Ghana as a whole.

He mentioned Boti falls, Wli Falls, Aburi gardens, landmark rocks, new discoveries, museums and old palaces as marketable tourist sites that can generate enough money for Ghana.

“Instead of taking delight in hyping issues that rather create tension in the country and paint us bad to the outside world, we need to re-think, reflect on our losses and potential gains.”

He continued that, If you are a political show host or an entertainment show host, you can do your bit by mentioning a few places that have been discovered by the local people as places worth building into recreational centers for tourist attraction.

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