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Ghanaian Internal auditor Abdul-Razak Usuman “sells” official documents of government



The former internal auditor of Zongo Development Fund, Mr. Abdul-Razak Usuman according to unimpeachable reports from the Internal Audit Agency of Ghana, has been fingered in counts of unethical conducts of mischievous “trading” of official government documents, contract documents, etc with external organisations, in what appears as clear breach of office, oath of secrecy and audit service code.



According to close sources at the audit service department and internal audit agency, Mr Abdul-Razak Usuman, like other internal auditors, who was on secondment at the Zongo Development Fund, was charged with responsibility to vet or assess documents, as part of a chain of internal checks and balances before payment would be effective as regards respective documents. However, Mr Abdul-Razak Usuman was recalled by his employer,  the Internal Audit Agency, about June 2020. One would have expected Mr Razak, like other internal auditors, to observe jealously the oath of secrecy,  but that seems alien to Mr Razak Usuman.


Curiously enough, Mr Abdul-Razak Usuman has refused to hand over the official laptop long after two (2) months of his end of service with Zongo Development fund. Sources, from the Internal audit agency and audit service department, were surprised that Mr Razak would continue to “stranglehold” custody of official documents and properties owned by Zongo Development Fund when he should have handed over to the Zongo Development Fund as would be consistent with the law. Sources at the internal audit Agency revealed that, an “aggrieved” Mr Razak Usuman following his recall from the Zongo Development fund was determined to “deal with the Zongo Ministry, “ruthlessly”, come what may.


Deep throat sources have said that, various attempts to get the official documents and the laptops from Mr Razak have proven futile. Quite astonishingly, external entities,  such as Corruption Watch, have laid hands on some very vital official documents belonging to the Zongo Development funds and are “cleverly”, with the aides of some actors, churning out “misrepresentations and incomplete stories” to satisfy an interest.


The Zongo Development Fund was set up by President Akufo-Addo with the aim of providing infrastructural, social, economic, support and development to the Zongo communities in Ghana.


The funds current Chief Executive officer Mr Arafat, has been described as a visionary and results focused person by the Minister of Zongo and Inner cities, Alhaji Dr Mustapha Hamid. The President Akufo-Addo in the heat of Covid-19 pandemic commended the Zongo Development fund for providing sanitizers and other PPES to the Zongo Development fund. The President further directed the Fund to commit part of its funds in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.



Source: Komla Williams