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How Ghanaians reacted to news of Biden’s win



Though not official, Joe Biden, leader of the Democrats in the United States of America has been elected the 46th president.

This follows his 20 electoral votes win in Pennsylvania which pushed him ahead of the incumbent, President Donald Trump.

Congratulatory messages, from all parts of the world, including leaders of other countries, over the past few hours, have been pouring in.

So far, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French president, Emmanuel Macron, and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are amongst the first to send their congratulatory messages to the US president-elect, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Back here in Ghana, many social media users are ecstatic about the major shift in the political scene in the United States. Going by the popular quote ‘if America sneezes Africa catches cold’, some Ghanaians have managed to tie the new American political change to the upcoming December polls in Ghana.

Also, while a number of Twitter users have only found another avenue to have fun on Twitter others have managed to put President Donald Trump on the spot.

Below is a compilation of some Twitter reactions to Biden’s victory to distract you;