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Let Your Children Pray for You, You’ll Prosper – Lucifer Reveals



Cape Coast, 21st October, 2020, Popular African Traditional Spiritualist, Kwaku Peprah who is also known as Lucifer or Quotation Master has revealed another secret about how the prayers from children can be a blessing and aid parents in their prosperity.

He said “Let your children pray for you, first thing every morning when they wake up and observe what happens in your life after six months”.

Kwaku Peprah added that, parents must let their children bless them while they also bless them too. But, because children are holy and pure, when they bless parents through prayers, “It’s very efficacious than parents blessings their children”.

Lucifer further explained that, adults have been contaminated because of evil things they have been involved in along the journey of life. “Because of this, your prayer isn’t as effective as that of your children who are very holy and pure”. “Let them pray for you” he added.

According to him, parents should be careful about the kinds of things they say against their children. “There is power in words and what we say as parents inadvertently serves as a curse to our children”. Parents must be circumspect with their language especially what they say against their children.

He cautioned parents to be wary about their children they think are troublesome. “Such children are sometimes the ones who bring a lot of blessings to parents but because we don’t know, we say all manner of things against them” he added.

Further, the African Traditional spiritualist, expounded that, “Most times, so called troublesome children come along with blessings which most parents are oblivious of” he stated.

In addition he revealed that, parents can study their children and they would come to the realization that, among the children, there some of them when they (parents) become kind to them, things become better for the parents and the reverse is the case when the ill treat them.

Lucifer was speaking to Pastor Nyansa Boakwa host of Happy FM’s programme “Nsem Pii yesterday 20th October, 2020.

He ended by sounding a note of caution to parents to be careful about how they treat their children.” You will never know who has the key to your success” he ended.

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