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Pastor urges citizens to uphold work ethics



Pastor Eric Appah Marfo of Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries International, Cape Coast branch, at the weekend urged citizens to uphold work ethics to promote growth and stability at their work places.

He said work ethics were a set of principles of right or wrong behaviour guiding the work one does, and the morality behind an action.

Pastor Marfo, who was preaching on the topic: “Uphold Good Work Ethics” quoted from Ecclesiastes 9:10 which admonished that whatever we found our hands doing, we should do it with all our might, for in the realm of the dead, where we are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

“Work ethics are important in promoting all-round growth at our various work places.

“When an organization or institution fails to stress the need for work ethics, its employees feel no need for accountability or a sense of urgency and everything begins to fall apart,” he said.

Pastor Marfo said the key characteristics one should possess included honesty, integrity, humility and accountability, among others.

He added that these traits or characteristics will dictate how an individual will react in a certain situation, or when faced with a particular circumstance, and that, how we respond will reveal the kind of work ethics that we have.

Pastor Marfo emphasized that “work ethics depicts the strength of your character and presents you as an all-around positive person. In the workplace, this will be to your advantage. If you are looked at favourably by your co-workers and superiors, you would have better chances at advancing your career”.

He advised that anyone who wanted to become effective as a contributing member of an organization, should have good and strong work ethics. Then, and only then, “can you hope to be viewed as a rare and priceless commodity, and recognized favourably by your employer,” he said.