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Rehab centres offering hope for drug addicts in Ghana as today marks world drug day


Drug abusers who are deeply hooked are mostly blamed for their misfortunes. The same society which is expected to provide support for all persons look on whilst victims waste their lives.

According to victims of substance abuse, breaking away from the habit can be a tough battle.

In this GhanaWeb Special, we explore the hope available for drug addicts in rehabilitation centres in a time where substance abuse is on a high rise. Hard and soft drugs like marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, heroin, Tramadol can easily be obtained on the streets and in ghettos- the hub of all these substances.

Every individual must have come across a drug addict in their lifetime, it might be a relative, school mate, a colleague at work or an old-time friend.

The country has somehow failed to improve facilities that provide support to addicts, the state of some rehabilitation and corrections centres are no story to write home about.

As simple as it might look, substance abuse is a complex disease that affects the mind and body, however, with treatment, therapies and counselling one can recover from it.

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