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Tension mounts among Muslims in Ho



There is tension mounting among members of the Zongo community in the Volta Regional capital, Ho, over who takes the leadership of the Muslim community.

Following the demise of former Volta Regional Chief Imam, Umoro Danjimah Hamzah, there was a need for a successor to be selected to lead the Muslim community, and this has been the bone of contention between two factions.

One party believes Alfas Anas, who served as the first deputy Imam to the deceased, should occupy the position, while the other party is opposed to this.

Regardless of this, Mr Anas was subsequently installed as the Regional Chief Imam, a development the other faction completely rejected.

Following this, there has been a power struggle over who leads prayers at the central mosque.

The Ho Municipal Action Police Commander, Alexander Adade Yeboah, indicated that in anticipation of a possible riot, the Ho Municipal Security Council advised that the mosque be closed to the public.

As a result, the Ho new Zongo community was compelled to have prayers outside the mosque.

Reacting to this, Mr Anas described the development as unfortunate.

“I have been leading prayers in this mosque since 2005. All those who are opposing me, they follow me. So my appeal is peace and truth,” he said.

The youth are, however, agitated over the development which tends to spark mayhem in arguably the most peaceful Muslim community in Ghana.

“All the Ulama’s have agreed that Anas should be the Volta Regional Chief Imam. We were here when a chief from the old Zongo came and said he will not accept it and that his own brother should take over the position,” explained Suhailu Mohammed Kidza, a youth at the Ho New Zongo.

They are, therefore, imploring the national hierarchy of the Muslim community to call the feuding factions to order and resolve the pending issues amicably for peace to prevail.