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This is how Lapaz derived its name



• Lapaz is one of the most popular and busiest commercial areas in Accra

• Ghanaian actor Oboy Siki has explained how the name Lapaz came about


• Hundreds of people are seen either selling or buying in the evening at Lapaz

If you have ever travelled to the Greater Accra Region, then one of the places you might have probably heard of is Lapaz.

It is an urban area in the Accra Metropolitan district, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Lapaz is one of the most popular and busiest commercial areas in Accra with business activities booming in the course of the day and the night, every day of the week.

From second-hand clothing to shoes, groceries, food, electronic gadgets, there are a lot more options for one to purchase when they step foot at Lapaz.

During the day, it is a busy time for hawkers, as they chase vehicles on the Highway with their goods. The night starts getting busy from 4 pm when workers close from work.

While the commercial vehicles chase customers, one will also see hawkers and traders also chasing potential buyers.

Speaking in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwawani, Ghanaian actor Oboy Siki has explained how the popular name Lapaz came about.

According to him, most of the settlers in Lapaz, Sowutuom, Alhaji, Kwashieman were Akans who migrated to Accra. In that era, Gas didn’t like building many houses, so that was the opportunity for Akans to settle in some places in Accra.

He added that the name Lapaz emerged, when Hotel De Lapaz was built because it became the major landmark then at that place.

He said, he together with the band used to walk from Abeka to the Hotel De Lapaz to sleep whenever they came to Accra for a show.

Fast forward to 2021, Lapaz has become a hub for major businesses and banks.

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