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VIDEO: Fameye,Others shocked after a Guy erected whilst taking photo with female friends



A video of a young boy has been fast trending on social media after his joystick was erected while taking pictures his female friends.

The young boy identified from the video as Abanga couldn’t resist to control himself and also forgot to stylishly fix his ‘langalanga’ well since his trouser was that faint.

One could clearly see that his joystick is upright as it showed in the video which is causing a stir on the internet.

One lady who was also seen in the video identified as Abena was only seen laughing out loud and couldn’t even stand taking the picture anymore.

The video after been sighted by some celebs including Dr. Pounds, Krymi and Fameye, they reacted in shock.

Watch video below:


Singer Fameye wrote: H33333😂

Krymimusic also commented with: Allah!!!! Abanga wati🔥🔥🔥 stand firm for the pic.🤣

Krymimusic again wrote: Imagine the adwenfii in his head for the small girl🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤣 awww

Dr Pounds also wrote: Say cheese take a pics

See screenshot below: