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VIDEO: Women pay me to satisfy them in bed – Hookup boy reveals



Speaking on Naked Truth with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Dickson revealed that he began 8 years ago after failed relationships. He decided to make money out of his sexual prowess.

“Some ten years ago, I had been in about four relationships and they all failed. So I decided to put it aside because I was getting played and I’m the type that loves wholly so I had to put it aside.

Even though it is the ugly side of me, I am proud that I came across this because everyone has an ugly past. They are all reminders of where I began and where I have got to,” he disclosed.

According to Dickson, he has traded sex for money with almost 100 women. Most of whom are above age 40. He shared extensively how he ‘works’ and how much he charges a night.

As most hookup girls have indicated, Dickson also blames leadership for what they do. He believes if there were jobs available, the youth would not be involved in trading sex for money.

Responding to what his reaction will be if his child decides to follow in his steps, Dickson stated that “I won’t stop my daughter from doing same but I will guide her. It’s her life so I will just guide her through it.”

Source: SVTV Africa