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How a female passenger was used to rob and stab taxi driver at Kasoa Ofaakor

A taxi driver at Kasoa Ofaakor has narrated how some unknown assailants used a lady to nearly kill him after hiring his services.

The incident, he told Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, happened last Thursday around 11:00 pm.

Albert Donkor, 26, who is currently nursing his wounds at home, revealed that a young lady, believed to be in her late 20s, hired him from Kasoa overhead to Kasoa Ofaakor Lighthouse chapel and upon reaching there, two unknown men were already waiting.

“When we reached the destination, the men were already standing there and approached me and said they were the ones going to pay for the lady’s transport fare. The lady then got down from the car, hugged them and left.

“I asked them for the money and they told me they didn’t have cash and will send me MOMO. I gave them my number and later they told me they didn’t have MOMO too. Later one of them said he is going to the church close to the house and ask the security man for money to pay me. I stopped them and asked them not to bother and so I am leaving,” he recounted.

Just when he was about to drive off, the guys jumped into the car and stopped the engine.

“They stopped the engine of the car and started calling out their other friends who came from a bush nearby and started fighting me in the car. They attacked me, inflicted multiple cutlass wounds on me and slapped me left right centre before taking my Toyota Belta with the Registration number GE 7548- 22 away,” he cried.

As if that was not enough, Mr Donkor, who was struggling to speak, said after stabbing him, they tied him and threw him off a fence close by.

He said the place was very quiet although there was a church around and houses around, so his call for help fell on deaf ears.

Mr Donkor said they even wanted him killed so he does not expose them after throwing him off but they left him and run away with the taxi together with his valuables.

He said he managed to untie and managed to jump again after they sped off and was later rescued by some police officers at a nearby hospital after managing to get close to a police point.

Mr Donkor said he is currently home and no arrest has been made so far.


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