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MILITARY COUPS WILL TAKE US BACKWARDS — Presidential Candidate hopeful, Onipayede Ossom Teye

We Africans must know that every power pays homage to where it comes from and in every military rule the guns are more respected than citizens.

In autocratic rule the interest of that one person is paramount than the interest of the citizens.

In democracy, power belongs to the people, so the interest of the people supersede any individual.

I will plead to fellow Africans that, we should think of grabbing power by encouraging and voting for young and intelligent ones both in Presidential and Parliamentary with values for better amendment and protecting of the constitutions to give power back to the people.

We have our constitutions, let’s work on it, military will take us backward “throw the constitution out and it will take years of negotiations for new constitution to start again”.

Ghana’s last coup was in 1981 to 1992 11yrs for new constitution, 1992 to 2023, 31yrs plus 11yrs is 42yrs, and still counting no better amendment, so supporting military coup in Ghana may take us 42yrs or more back, for a first time constitutional amendment.

The pillars of autocracies in Africa is the unconstitutional bodies, let’s kick them out and give power to the people.

Every Ghanaian should read chapter seven of the 1992 constitution “REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE” page 44 article 47, for better knowledge as to whether the current parliament is constitutional or unconstitutional?

We will talk on that in my next article.


Presidential Candidate Hopeful

Onipayede Osom Teye.

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