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Odogono SHS Student mysteriously missing at Kasoa



A Seventeen year old male student of the Odogono SHS, Master Richmond Gyangbe is reported missing since Sunday June 21 2020 from home.

In an exclusive interview with the Father, Mr. Stephen Mensah, a Self-Employed man at Kasoa, he said their Hometown is Edura in Ashanti Region but they have being in Kasoa UN City for a long time to work.

According to Mr. Mensah , his son left home without any of the family members sacking him or maltreating him in any way .

The father continued that Richmond also did not offend any of the family members in any way before he disappeared from the house recently to unknown destination which at the moment is affecting the family psychologically.

He described his son as a fair coloured boy with a height of about 5.7 feet.

Mr. Mensah noted that his soon left a farewell Message behind before leaving the house to the unknown destination.

He showed the said message to the media which says that he was leaving the house to go and hustle to succeed to help himself and his family in future.

Richmond stated further in the note among other things that he took his father’s Laptop computer away to the unknown destination to support him to feed himself adding that his sick mother should be taken good care of and to make sure she takes her medication regularly.

In reaction to the laptop issue by his father, he noted that he is not worried at all about the computer because when his son was at home, he always used the laptop, stressing that what he wants is his son to have a positive change of mind and return home now.

When the Media asked whether his missing son has a girl friend or male friends, he responded that his son has neither girlfriend nor many boyfriends.

According to Mr. Mensah Who sounded emphatic his son has no previous criminal record or defrauded anyone but he rather very obedient and respective so he is surprised his son decided to take such a strange decision without informing the family.

He continued that his family members are appealing to the conscience of Richmond to change his mind and come back home from where ever he was going to get successful.

This, according to him, was because the best place for him to be trained to be successful is at school where his parents sent him to, in order to become successful and not a place where no one can trace to see whatever is going on with his life.

The father stressed that his son is intelligent in class since his JHS days at the Gateway Basic School at Kasoa till now at Odogono SHS where he excels in Visual Arts.

He was also a very good Cadet Corps Member at the Gateway JHS during his days there before entering SHS.

He said he thinks that his son is naively out of the house because he thinks that he can make it in Music which his son’s interest seems to be high because he is talented in the music arena.

Master Richmond Gyangbe , the young man of Odogono SHS reported to have left home recently without informing the parents and therefore feared missing because he is nowhere to be found although frantic efforts are on-going to found him.

His Mother, Sister Cynthia Bonney, a trader is also very worried and disturbed as all efforts to trace his lovely son has proved futile for now.

The matter has since been reported to the Kasoa New Market Police who are also struggling to get the whereabouts of Richmond ,to avoid the repetition of all time popular case of the then missing Takoradi Girls that almost turned Ghana upside down.





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