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Our juniors paid GH¢7,000 to be posted while we stay home – Unposted nurses cry out

Some nurses have accused the government of taking huge sums of money to post their colleagues into various health facilities after their service.

According to the nurses, who were speaking in a radio interview, some of them are yet to be posted because they are unable to pay the monies that could earn them a posting.

“… I know someone who is in the same facility with me while we were doing our national service. She is my Junior yet she has been posted and is working. I ask why is it so? Is it because some of us can’t afford the bribe that they demanded? They pay huge sums of money before you are posted. I have gone to school and I have paid fees, paid for rent for three years yet I’m still home after school,” one of the nurses who appeared on Power FM’s Inside Politics on Friday, May 20, 2022, said.

Her colleague in the studio added that those who have been posted paid as much as GH¢7,000 for it.

“Nana Addo have you or have you not heard about what is going on? They told us they will open the portal but they did not. We were prevented from demonstrating because it will make the government unpopular yet we have not been posted. Is it because our slots have been sold? Is that why the government is failing to post us? Government needs to tell us something.” The nurse told the host of the show, Mugabe Maase.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Nurses and Midwives Trainees Association has hinted at a nationwide demonstration should the government refuse to pay them their nine-month allowance which is in arrears.

To this end, the Association has issued a ten-day ultimatum to the government to settle all nine-month arrears.

The National Vice President of the Association, Shadrach Kyei Adu-Gyamfi in an interview with GBC News said, all attempts to get the government and the Health Ministry to pay them have yielded no results hence their current decision.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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