The enstoolment was characterised by sporadic gunshots amidst resistance from some residents who are believed to be followers of Osabarima Adu Darko III, another rival chief.

While some residents pelted stones at the security for the ceremony, others fled the scene.

The gun-wielding thugs, before the ceremony, forcibly broke into the main palace while threatening lives.

The presence of a police team, though brought the volatile situation under control, could not stop the enstoolment process.

Osabarima Kantinka Pobi Asomaning, in a speech after his enstoolment, said his legitimacy has been endorsed by a Koforidua High Court.

Joint police and military team have been deployed to the forefront of the palace to prevent angry residents from reprisal attacks.

Three persons have, however, been arrested as security personnel have managed to restore calm.