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Plants that repel Snakes and other Reptiles

The best solution to keep snakes away from the house and garden is to have plants nearby that they naturally don’t like because of their strong scents. Discover some of the most effective snake-repelling plants.

Therefore, what kinds of plants should you grow in your garden to scare off obnoxious snakes? Here are some of the top accent or border plants for your garden and home that will keep snakes away permanently.

1. Marigold Plant


This is one of the finest solutions for preventing snakes from entering the garden. Snakes, vermin, and other animals are repulsed by the aggressive roots of this colorful accent plant, which are its main snake deterrent.

2. Snake Plant

You may be wondering what plant in the garden frightens snakes more than the one that carries its name. Because of their pointed leaves and above-average oxygen generation, snake plants are believed to be snake repellents.

Snakes are most frightened by the presence of the snake plant. Plant a lot of these as border plants if you think your properties has snake problem.

3. Lemongrass

Snakes are naturally put off by citrusy aromas in general, but this specific lemongrass type has a stronger scent that works against snakes. They deter ticks and insects in addition to snakes.

4. Yucca Plant


In addition to being a beautiful landscaping plant, this plant’s lancing, pointed leaves are scary to snakes and all reptiles. Snakes are scared away only by seeing yuccas. If you intend to cultivate yuccas at home, let each plant the most space possible.

5. Onion and garlic

Both spices contain sulfenic acid, a substance that gives them an aroma similar to that of prey. Their scent and vision become muddled as snakes become interested in them due to the scent factors. A good intervention may be to plant them in shipping containers or make a lawn spray from them.

6. Kaffir lime

It is mostly used in Asian cuisine and goes by the name Makrut Lime. Snakes and all reptiles abhor its pungent citrus scent. They should be planted in a location with full sun and well-drained soil if you want to use them for salads and cocktails. Furthermore, it needs to be watered frequently.

Snakes are attracted to your house for a variety of reasons. Most likely, you provided them with a consistent source of food without your knowledge. It can possibly be because of the relaxing atmosphere it provides. Fortunately, there are plants you can grow to keep them out of your garden and away from you and your family, especially dogs and young children, who may be at risk.

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