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Disingenuous Political Agenda: The Dictatorial Politics Of the Nandom NPP MP



For sometimes now I have decided to take a break from telling everyone everything that is wrong

in the Nandom Constituency. For some reasons I assumed that everyone who matters in the

progress and growth of our great tradition in the Constituency knows already the right posturing

for the growth of the party. But recent happenings in Nandom in the NPP camp post a different

scenario and therefore the edge to make known the untold truths hidden under the cover of a

white gown. It's not all well in the camp of the NPP in Nandom. The politics of 'The Boss'

leaves much to be desired. Too often it is a cynical charade employed as a political tactic to

promoting himself and damaging the other. Now, before you dismiss me as NPP and a supporter

of the Hon. Ambrose Der, which is a habit of those sycophantic elements around him, I am a

recognised member of the National Communication Team of our great party, the NPP. I

campaigned independently and vigorously for the party in 2016. My views vary issue-to-issue

but more central to the monopolised politics of Hon Ambrose Dery. I believe that in as much as

we endear to hold on to the Nandom seat for as long as we want, hypocrisy and exploitation

should be intolerable, regardless of the perpetrators.


In my last epistle to commemorate the 63rd birthday of the Honourable MP and Minister of the

Interior, which occasioned a rather stomach-directed reply from the Constituency secretary, I

reiterated our collective efforts in the rebirth of partisan politics in Nandom from the early 2000s.

The reply, instead of addressing the issues I raised, belaboured the usual vendettas and

personalised sentimentalism. This however did not come to me as a surprise because when you

join the dinner table without knowing the source of the food and it's preparations, the taste of the

food will endear you to losing your manners.


Those who were around in the early hours of the dawn of NPP politics and party organisation

can comprehend deeply the statement I related above. Napoleon Hill, wrote in his book,

"Outwitting the Devil" that "Fear is the tool of a man-made Devil. Self-confident faith in one's

self is both the man-made weapon which defeats this Devil and the man-made tool which builds

a triumphant life. And it is more than that. It is a link to the irresistible forces of the universe

which stand behind a man who does not believe in failure and defeat as being anything but

temporary experiences." This quote needs no further interpretation. It is a befitting statement for

the rise of partisan politics in Nandom. It was with self-confident faith in the youths of Nandom

in the years referenced above that we were able to overcome this man-made Devil call FEAR. I

could go on, but I believe you got the gist. Yes, the political future of Nandom is well situated in

the context of Napoleon Hill's statement. Even Hon. Ambrose Der knows well that whatever

fruits he enjoys today are the labour of people who cleared the paths before his joining the Party

in 2003.


In Nandom NPP today, we are confronted with yet another man-made Devil. A Devil we all

thought we had conquered some years ago. This time, the devil isn't the fear of political identity

as it was before the 2000s, it's the fear of one's contribution being rejected by a party he or she

belongs to. This rejection is orchestrated by the hard and soft influences of the MP and party

executives in the Constituency. It is for a disingenuous agenda implored by the MP to create

disaffection and discourage party activism. You might not notice its impact now, particularly

when you are a political dependant and an opportunist around the MP. But I tell you, it's a linear

extrapolation of several trends on vivid display. This, when not addressed, will kill party

activism, sacrifices and hardwork. The question needing answer is who is competing with the

MP in Nandom NPP? What are his fears for colonising the party in Nandom?


In my Political experience , political party activism is a process of working to accomplish a

collective party goal. This is most convenient through attitudinal and behavioural traits of the

cohorts, in particular, the socioeconomic status of activists. Their respective contributions form

the basis for growth and enthusiasm within the rank and file of the party. This doesn't matter if

one is a patron activist, platform activist or foot soldier activist. Party activists become

contributors to the overall party agenda because they expect their contributions to spur up the

party's numerical simulation. Elsewhere in the country, this isn't a herculean task for stakeholders

in the Party. In Nandom's NPP, contribution to the Party in the form of your time, money, party

t-shirts and paraphernalia are much more heavy duty on the activist than the activist's search for

the time, money, party t-shirts and paraphernalia. You will be treated as though you are carrying

stolen items. This has been ongoing for a very long time since 2010. This time, the party's

Presidential candidate's and Parliamentary candidate's embroidery designed t-shirts were refused

by the Parliamentary candidate, Hon. Ambrose Dery, and the Constituency Chairman and

Secretary. What the reasons are, we're yet to know.


Mr. Alois K. Mohl, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Social Investment Fund (SIF),

undisputedly one of the industrious card bearing members of the NPP in Nandom. He's one of

the few pillars upon which the party's shoulders rest. His benevolence and philanthropic efforts

in helping and supporting party structures can never be underestimated. Unfortunately, his

actions on countless times have received suspension and most of the time treated with scorn and



Overall, the MP has never lost an opportunity to tell people that individuals who have had the

opportunity of being appointed by the president from the area have developed cold feet towards

supporting the party's activities in the constituency. Yet, back home in the constituency he plays

the devil's advocate. Between 2010 and 2016, Mr. Alois K. Mohl has not relented his edge to see

to the needs of Party faithful. He donated various sums of money to the Party through the


Constituency Executives. This act of best intentions later turned out to be an issue and when the

regional executives required of him to prove his contribution, he went back to the Constituency

executives to obtain the receipts from them, the MP got information of it and as usual of his

dictatorial tendencies he ordered the executives to return all monies received from Mr. Alois.

This action was meant to cover up allegations he levelled against Mr. Alois. Can you guess what

happened to the money? The money had long been spent. But one would ask, what's the purpose

for asking the executives to return monies meant for the work of party executives be returned to

the source? Are we creating a situation of monopolistic party activism, where the MP thinks that

aside him no one else has the right to keep the party running? Pathetic!


This year again, Mr. Alois has procured 1,000 pieces of NPP/Nana/Ambrose branded T-shirts as

part of his stream of resource support to election 2020. As usual of Mr. Alois, he was home in

the Constituency on Wednesday 6th October at about 7am to deliver the items. He alerted the

executives, the party patrons, Marcel Gamuo and Stanislaus Nasaal that at 9am he'll be

delivering the shirts to them at the Party office in Nandom. As for the MP, he has entered into a

blood covenant of not picking up calls from people he doesn't want to work with. So, at exactly

9am when Mr. Alois got to the party's Office, the Patron, Marcel Gamuo, the Constituency

Youth Organiser, Patrick Naapaneh, Huudu and Gervase Fang-ib the Elections director were all

there. He waited for about an hour and the chairman and Secretary weren't coming. He called

them several times they refused to pick the calls. He and the team with him traced up to few

places but couldn't find them. The Party Patron, subsequently told Mr. Alois that from all

indications, it is clear that his items weren't needed, so he asked him to see him at home. After

also conferring with the Constituency Youth Organiser and Hudu they asked him to pick up a

message from the Party's Patron, which he obliged. At this stage, it's no longer a hidden intent of

whether or not Mr. Alois' contribution would be accepted by his own party.


As indicated earlier, this antiquated posturing isn't a novelty on the part of the MP, the

Constituency chairman and secretary. We have been confronted with such needless apology and

zealousness for a very long time now.


The Boss has for sometime now metamorphosed to a political character difficult to comprehend.

His monopolistic politics leaves many to wonder if NPP in Nandom is for all or for the few

around him. The Constituency executives as a result have now instituted the penchant for

rejecting anything that comes from any party activists. For example, in December last year, 5Kg

of rice, oil and cash meant for polling station executives were rejected amidst frantic efforts at

preventing Mr. Alois from distributing the items. The Polling Station executives however came

out in outright objection to their moves.


It is no doubt difficult at this juncture for anyone to draw the conclusion that the action and

inaction of the MP and Minister of the Interior serves as classical ground deviation from the

ideals of the NPP traditions. His actions, without being romantic about it, are in contravention of

the aims and objectives of the party. He's bound by duty to protect the unity of the Party. The

events articulated above does not suggest so and needing some urgent attention. The Party's

constitution which we all uphold in spirit and letter, allow us all for our widow's might through

donations for the upkeep of the Party.


I am by this write-up, calling on the National Executive Committee, through Regional Chairman

of the Party and the Regional Executive Committee as whole to as a matter of great need look

into the issues I raised above. This has become a matter of concern because we all know that

Nandom constituency isn't a safe seat for us. We need all hands on deck to increase our Votes

and maintain the seat. The records available do speak louder and we cannot afford to look on. In

the 2012 elections, Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor (NDC) had 13,172 votes being 63.82% whereas Hon.

Ambrose Dery (NPP) had 7,333 being 35.53% and in the 2016, Hon. Ambrose Dery (NPP) had

11,107 (51.43%) whiles Richard Kuuire (NDC) had 10,229 (47.36%) a difference of 878 votes.

If you are a true card bearing member of the NPP and this record does not scare you then I doubt

your loyalty. It might interest us all to know that we won the seat in 2016 because there was a

deep crack in the NDC after their primaries. This opportunistic advantage might not arise this

time, thus the need for us to work harder than we did in 2016. With regards to the Presidential

results, the MP's monopolistic politics remains a greater challenge for us increasing the Votes for

the Presidential candidate. But with unity we are much stronger. Skirt and blouse should not be




Source:||Ghana||Wilson Dabuo