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Ghana’s Death Toll Figure Older Than Than You, Think about Ghanaians – Bawumia, Jean Mensah and Akuffo Addo Told

The communications Director of NDC’s Young Democrats Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede has warned that Ghana is heading of cataclysm if President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo does not stop Electoral Commission from throwing away a register that brought him to power.

Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede, who is the NDC Ward Coordinator in the Volta Region, stated “Ghana is heading for a day of reckoning, if the President in his own wisdom, does not act wisely as a father with heart to steer affairs of the country to safety as Ghana prepares for election.

Since the lifting of the Covid-19 partial lockdown couple of weeks ago, the EC has been taking steps to start the voters registration exercise, in spite of a court injunction against their diabolic move, Mr. Japhet 1 added.

Opposition party figures have been raising objections at the moves of the EC for Good reasons, while the ruling New Patriotic Party members insist the EC must be allowed to do their work and the question that keeps begging for Answer in the ear of Meaningful Ghanaians is what’s so Golden in the new Register that other political parties can’t see it than the NPP?

He therefore called on all Ghanaians to speak up, saying, “We have to get involved, we are citizens not spectators in this 21st century, Ghana is calling us, decision making is not a one man’s show, government never for one man, we are all sinking in a common boat, we have to get involved for the rescue mission to be positive and possible.”



Voter Register and matters arising

In the current Situation where COVID-19 confirmed cases are even older than the president and the EC chairperson while the death toll is more bigger than Bawumia and his wife age, one does not need to be God to predict accurately the calamity nature of this pandemic for Ghana hence the need for a timely intervention of the 77 years old Head of state to think about Ghanaians not his election.
For the EC chairperson, I am no more in doubt that she is a heartless lady, unGodly human being doing the bid of a 77 years old president that only thinking of bringing this county into a standstill.

This same register was used to bring the President Nana Addo to power, this same register was used to conduct the December 17th last year Assembly election and this same Register was used to conduct the referendum so is the EC not aware that they were using incredible register all these whiles?

The incompetency of this Government and the Jean Mensah led EC is more or less like a sperm in the body of impotent madman on the streets of Sremanu.

Let’s rise for our right and Ghana cannot be owned by this 77 years old man who is ruling us like goats.


Source: Thepressradio.com/Ghana

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