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IMANI analyses in some aspects of agricultural promises in the NPP and NDC manifestos





In the previous Manifesto of 2016, the NPP already envisioned modernising agriculture and improving agricultural mechanization centers in Ghana. One of the specific promises that was made in regard to the mechanisation centers was the following “revamp existing mechanisation centres and support the private sector to establish, manage, and provide affordable mechanisation services to farmers” [1].


In the 2020 Manifesto, the NPP has described their results achieved on this promise so far.


According to the 2020 Manifesto of the NPP a number of machinery and equipment has been provided to establish Agricultural Mechanisation Services [2].This has positively impacted Ghana’s agricultural sector during the first year in office. In the year 2017, the agricultural productivity overall increased by 5, 4%, according to the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda’s annual progress report published in 2017[3].


The NPP Manifesto of 2020 has also provided specific insight on the production increase by seed farmers. The machinery that NPP has provided to this sector, in cooperation with the Grains and Legumes Development Board, has led to an increase in production from 24.0MT in 2016 to 473.5MT in 2019[4].




As part of efforts to improve the livelihoods of farmers, an living income differential remuneration has been provided to farmers.


The NDC promise to consistently increase the cocoa producer prices. However, fluctuations in commodity prices as a result of the pandemic and general inconsistencies in producer prices create uncertainties around producer prices.


Additionally, Ghana is a major player at the production part of the value chain that is unstable. Currently cocoa producer price has been increased by 28 percent which translates into GHS 660 per bag or GHS 10,560 per tonne due to the $400 living income differential.


Through the Youth in Cocoa Programme the  NDC party aims to support and encourage the youth to consider cocoa farming. Over the past years the number of youth choosing to engage in the cocoa industry has been declining.


An IMANI survey conducted in 2019 indicated that only 7.53 percent of cocoa farmers are between the ages brackets of 18 to 34. It is therefore essential to support the youth to engage in the sector[5] However, the relevant business incentives such as clear land rights, access to finance and agri-business knowledge are yet to be carefully explored in the manifesto by the NDC. ….


For more of such, watch out for the outdooring of IMANI’s complete sectoral analysis of 2020 manifestos of the NDC, NPP, LPG, CPP, PNC, PPP, & APC.


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