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What ‘Article’ 71 means to Ghana leadership



Article 71 office holders include the President, the Vice-President, the Speaker of Parliament, the Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court, Members of Parliament (MPs), Ministers of State, political appointees, and public servants with salaries charged to the Consolidated Fund but enjoying special constitutional privileges.

Read fulltext of the Ghana’s 1992 constitution (article 71) Below:


(1) The salaries and allowances payable, and the facilities and privileges available, to—

(a) the Speaker and Deputy Speakers and members of Parliament;

(b) the Chief Justice and the other Justices of the Superior Court of Judicature;

(c) the Auditor-General, the Chairman and Deputy Chairmen of the Electoral Commission,the Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice and his Deputies and the District Assemblies Common Fund Administrator;

(d) the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the other members of—

(i) a National Council for Higher Education howsoever described;

(ii) the Public Services Commission;

(iii) the National Media Commission;

(iv) the Lands Commission; and

(v) the National Commission for Civic Education; being expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund,shall be determined by the President on the recommendations of a committee of not more than five persons appointed by the

President, acting in accordance with the advice of the Council of State.

(2) The salaries and allowances payable, and the facilities available, to the President, the Vice-President, the chairman and the other members of the Council of State; Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers, being expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund, shall be determined by Parliament on the recommendations of the committee referred to in clause (1) of this article.

(3) For the purposes of this article, and except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, “salaries” includes allowances, facilities and privileges and retiring benefits or awards.

Salary of Ghana First Lady: Background

De payment of salaries to first and second ladies dey stir public anger among some Ghanaians.

Some feel govment dey spend taxpayers money in de wrong place.

Per de proposed arrangement, First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo go collect Ghc 21,000 ($3500) per month, wey dem go backdate am to 2017.

Dis go sum up Ghc 1,134,000 (about $191,268) which she go take as back pay, de second lady too go enjoy same benefits.

Ghana start moves to pay de first and second lady monthly salaries as financial rewards to dem.

Per de new arrangements, wives of de Prez and Vice Prez go earn monthly salaries at de level of cabinet ministers in de country.

Di Emoluments committee for parliament recommendation be sake of dem feel say First Lady and Second Lady dey struggle to run dema office.

According to de Committee, de payment of monthly salaries to dem be based on humanitarian grounds.

Govment adopt de recommendations of wey de parliament approve am subsequently.


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