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Retract malicious words against my daughter or face hell – Baby mama of Ken Agyapong speaks

Mother of Kennedy Agyapong’s disowned daughter has again reacted to his outburst on live radio suggesting her daughter is a drug addict and a prostitute, cautioning him to take back his words or taste her scorn.

According to the Baby Mama, she has single-handedly catered for her daughter, Anell Agyapong, for sixteen years, and does not need his financial assistance so she is not ‘afraid’ to expose more of his dirty secrets if he doesn’t apologize and retract his words against her daughter.

“People just cannot close their mouths, if you talk, don’t you get tired? You ain’t seen nothing yet. This is just a preamble. I don’t need your dirty money. All I have is my strength as a mother. The only thing I take solace in is that I was not in love with you, you came to snatch me. Make sure you retract all the mad things you have said concerning my daughter,” she ranted on her Facebook live earlier today, June 27, 2020.

She added that the MP should check his other children instead of fixing his ‘radar’ on her daughter and calling her demeaning names, as his children are really no different.

“If you say my child is a prostitute, your daughter Tracy has ruined your bed, your son Nana Takyi was also at Afrochella, fornicating here and there. Your firstborn in high school gave birth like mice to about 6 or 4 children. You are warned, Kennedy,” she added.

She concluded that Anell won a scholarship for her education as a result of her great academic performance, but Kennedy convinced them to cancel the scholarship so he could pay her fees. To her, he cannot brag about cutting off his daughter’s fees provision because she would have been okay financially without him.

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