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Seikwa Missing Stool: Seikwamanhene Express Worried but Peace Still Rains in Seikwa



The Traditional ruler of Seikwa, Nana Debrah Adjei II, has expressed his worry over the increasing reported case of two missing black stools for the Seikwa Traditional Council.

He mentioned that the unidentified persons in the recent act of the disappearance of such important items from the palace were a serious threat to the survival of the spirit and souls of Seikwaman.

“Such negative propensity can destroy the bequeath of the forefathers, hence fraternize with the elders of the traditional leaders to get the stools back”, Nana Debrah II bemoaned.

He therefore charged the chiefs to take a collective responsibility to prevent further losses in their palaces to preserve and protect the dignity and sanctity of the Seikwa Traditional ruling.

Nana Debrah Adjei II made this known to Appiah-Kubi in a close interview at his place.

He said, there have been numerous meetings to bring togetherness with love and unity to revive the united spirit of the Seikwa people.

“Petty squabbles erupted undermining the unity of Seikwaman, but today, there had been an expatriate to bring back the extant of our culture”, he expressed.

“There is peace in Seikwa, no one is having conflict with anybody. We are enjoying our peace, but the way some of the media are spreading false information on the recent incident about Seikwa makes me worry”, Nana Debrah bemoaned.

He added that due to the peace they are enjoying in Seikwa, collective measures had been put in place to construct a durbar ground and a twelve-seated toilet facility for the people of Seikwa through the aid of Seikwa diasporas.

Nana Debrah II concluded that there are no disputes and, therefore urges everyone to omit the rumors of conflicts in Seikwa.

He further expressed his gratitude to the people of Seikwa both local and diaspora for their immense support toward the development of the Seikwa Traditional Area and encouraged them to continue the good work.


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