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Men should hug fellow men more – Life Coach

Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian relationship expert, life coach and content creator, has taken to Twitter to encourage men to hug each other more often. In a tweet, he suggested that long hugs, lasting about 30 seconds, could make a positive difference in the lives of men. Buchi noted that men …

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Foods men should reduce in order to promote prostate health

Prostate health is crucial for men’s overall well-being, and diet plays an essential role in maintaining prostate health. Here are some foods that men may need to reduce or avoid in order to promote prostate health, according to Healthline. Red Meat Consumption of red meat, particularly processed and charred meats, has …

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Foods You Should Eat To Take care Of Your Vagina

According to Healthline”, Nutrition is an important component of caring for your overall health. What you eat can impact the health of specific body parts, comprising the private part. Research shows that certain foods may assist maintain the health of the private part. For example, some foods can help prevent …

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Six top prime property trends in Africa you should know

There is a growing trend in the prime property construction market in Africa towards better living standards, with a focus on creating eco-friendly houses and apartments, as well as residential areas closer to natural habitats (forests, wildlife areas, etc.), safety, serenity, and many more. Estate living is becoming increasingly popular …

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